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Spangas 2017

In March 2017 the youthseries “Spangas” was broadcast on TV with a storyline about Angelman syndrome. In an understandable manner the syndrome is explained and it is shown how to communicate though PODD.

How does it feel to be unable to talk? How can we help each other in communication an how does a communication system like PODD work?

Because it is a storyline in a dramaseries, we tell this with humor and drama. It is a first introduction for people who know nothing about Angelman syndrome. Because of the kind of serie, not all information could be told.


It was made with great pleasure for all parents and people with Angelman syndrome, to help them make it easier to explain about it in school, to friends and family. I truly hope it gives a sense of better understanding Angelman syndrome.


Mannin de Wildt, director